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How do you know which web hosting service is the right one for you? I can’t tell you which one is right for you, but I can give you some pretty good clues.

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How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

First, we’re going to talk about security and I want to begin by introducing you to some acronyms. The first of which is FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, and FTP has been the standard way of moving files around on the Internet for over 30 years.

For a very long time, it was the normal way to upload your website with File Transfer Protocol. However, FTP by itself is not encrypted. It’s not secure.

It sends your password over the Internet in the clear and in these days of Wi-Fi It’s very easy to just grab that password.

So now we have something called SFTP, which stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol, and the only difference is that it’s encrypted.

There’s another protocol called SSH, which stands for Secure Shell. SFTP and SSH are used almost exactly the same way. They’re encrypted ways to upload your website.

If your host offers only FTP, then you probably don’t want to use them because security is not a big concern for them.

The next acronym I’m going to introduce you to is SSL, which for Secure Sockets Layer, and this is the part that encrypts information between your web browser and the server.

This is what makes it safe to shop online and it has the same theory as SFTP. It just encrypts the normal traffic and I’m going to talk about SSL some more in just a minute.

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But in addition to offering you SSL, you also want your host to be running SSL on their admin panel so that when you log in to maintain your website, it’s also encrypted.

Now for a very long time SSL cost anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars a year. However, a good host, like 10Xhostings, will take care of that for you and you don’t have to think about it so you get the advantage of the free SSL without the disadvantage of having to update it quarterly.

So, a quick review of the security panel. FTP is File Transfer Protocol and you don’t want it. What you do want is SFTP or SSH and it’s Secure File Transfer Protocol.

You also want free SSL, which is Secure Sockets Layer, and it makes it safe and secure for browsers to visit your website even if you’re not selling anything. Keeping the traffic encrypted keeps everybody a little bit safer.

And you want your hosts to be running SSL themselves on their own admin panel.


Everybody wants a fast website, right? Well, here are three things that are guaranteed to make your website much faster. PHP version 7. It’s been out for more than a year now, but still many hosts run PHP 5. PHP 7 is dramatically faster so I highly recommend you use it.

Then, there’s HTTP 2. You know the HTTP at the beginning of your web address? That’s the same Hypertext Transfer Protocol and this is version 2 and it’s really fast. And then, built-in caching with a bonus of additional support for caching plugins.

Our next section is safety and the first two things are tightly tied together.


You want to have automated backups. You don’t want to have to think about it. You want it to happen every night and, then, just as important is easy restore from backup.

I know of a host that does a great job with automated backups, but when you need to restore they simply give you a zip file and you have to download it, unpack it, find the things you need, and re-upload them. What you really want is a one-click restore. “I need to go back to yesterday because something broke today.”

And the next is


Your host should be looking through your site every day looking for malware. And, lastly, let’s talk about support. Support is very, very important. You may not use it very often, but when you do use it.

And then, of course, there’s a DEDICATED SUPPORT. One last thing I’d like to point out before we finish this one is that there is no perfect host.

10Xhostings Review

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10Xhostings Review


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