This post is about BigSlide Review and I’m going to cover the following areas of concern to many business owners and designers alike.

We will look at

  • The average time required to develop a professional presentation
  • What designers charge for professionally designed powerpoint presentation?
  • A powerful solution that can help you scale both time and cost of developing a good presentation and where to get the solution.

So let me ask you,
How many hours does a designer need to produce one hour worth of presentation content?

Am sure you’re curious to know the answer?

Well, here are what experts say on the subject:

  • Some designers claim they can develop 15 content screens in 3 minutes (but there are dependencies)… provided that the contents are already in a form appropriate for presentation delivery.
  • Others say they have the ability to produce a one-hour presentation in a 40-hour week.
  • And others claim that they need one hour of reserch for each minute of presentation time, plus approximately one hour for each slide in a presentation(so for say a 20-slide, one-hr presentation, you would be looking at 80 hours)
  • Yet others say that for a complex multimedia-based presentation, featuring custom graphics and video, development can reach up to 800 hours.

A mom and pop business owner can afford to spend this amount of time for good presentation.

For such person the time spent will be more considering the fact that they are anywhere close to been an expert.

Since they can’t afford to spend all these time to build a good presentation, then they will have to pay an expert to do it for them. And that leads us to the second question.

What designers charge for professionally designed powerpoint presentation?

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Here are some of the charges we got

Just imagine you want a 12 slides presentation developed, you have to cough of $18 per slide for a custom graphics and modern layout which is $216

What if you could design a powerful presentation way less than $216 without having to pay experts?

BigSlide will help you achieve it.

BigSlide Review

BigSlide Review

Big Slides is a new Multipurpose toolkit packed with over 1000 Multipurpose Gorgeous Fully Animated Slides that you can twist, mix and match to create unlimited unique combinations of presentations.

Ranging from videos, sale pitch, sales presentation, gorgeous webinar, real estate presentation to product presentation and many more.

BigSlide Demo

Big Slide is a brand new video creation toolkit packed with 1000 unique fully animated slides that utilize the power of PowerPoint allowing you to create various digital media easily.

It is very easy to get started creating your new beautiful digital media with Big Slide, all it takes is twist, mix and match then you have a brand new unique digital media ready.

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You can create all sorts of contents with Big Slide such as but not limited to

  • Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Sales Presentation
  • Sales Pitch
  • Real Estate Presentation
  • Educational Material
  • Promotional Material
  • General Presentation
  • Webinar
  • Product Presentation
  • Professional Slideshow
    and much more…

Overall Big Slide offers the power and most importantly the versatility allowing you to create wide range of digital media easily.



  • Easy to Edit
  • Gorgeous templates
  • Makes Your Presentation Slick


  • Too good to be true

Final Verdict

This is the best time to lay your hands on this very awesome package