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How to Generate Hot Selling Software Idea Each Time You Sleep and Wake Up

Software idea is what many businesses thrive on and latch on their experiences to to build profitable SaaS business. These free report will help you identify a software idea, how to verify if the idea is worth pursuing. It will expose to all the secret sites you may have not heard of or may not have thought using them the way the report will reveal. Put aside whatever will distract you and concentrate while reading this report. If you find it interesting, kindly share with your friends.

There is a three step process to follow when trying to generate simple idea for a plugin or software. I call this 3-step process I.V.D

  • Ideate
  • Validate
  • Develop

In the Ideation stage, there are a couple of ways to get hot selling software ideas to develop:


  1. Look around; ask yourself what task or challenges are you struggling with in your business? Find a way to automate that task by building software for it. Most likely you aren’t the only one struggling with that challenge. Sometimes, people develop software to help them grow or scale their businesses at the end of the day end up selling it to other similar businesses thereby making more money from it.

So think of tasks that are painful and time-consuming to perform in any niche or business then automate the process with software to help save time and be more productive which equals more money for the business. It could be daily task that you, your friends, relatives or family members perform at work or in their businesses. You can brainstorm with them to come up with a solution.

  1. There’s nothing new under the sun. Look at other software and combine multiple pieces together and tweak them. Do not copy exactly what someone else has built before.

First Check Wp Repository Website

  • Go to Wp Repository https://wordpress.org/plugins/ You see tons and tons of wordpress plugin ideas. You can combine one or two together and tweak them to make your software unique. Follow the screenshots for ease.

Software Idea

Just a search with the keyword “Video” returned more than 1000 result which you can get lots of red hot ideas from. Combining two to three of them together gives you unique software idea you can cash in on.


Next Go to Hotscripts – www.hotscripts.com

The screenshots guides through the process

How to generate profitable software ideas

Go to Jvzoo top seller list https://www.jvzoo.com/products/topsellers

software idea

You can click on the name of the product to go to the sales page and really get to know what its all about.

Go to Codecanyon www.codecanyon.net

I must tell you Codecanyon is my favorite site for idea inspiration. Again, see the following screenshots for the walk-through.

wordpress software

For me, Codecanyon is one of my favorite due to a no of reasons. The prices of the software are indicated, that gives you an idea how to price yours after development so you don’t under price or over price it. That can easily lead to failure.

There is also rating for each of them which gives lots of insight into what the users of the software want. It could be a feature that is breaking or a feature they want you to add or improve upon.

Sometimes, the owner of the product might too long before working on it. You can leverage that opportunity by developing yours with a better solution with ease of use.

Then comes the last very important metrics to look at, the no of sales. These metrics tells you that there is good demand for such product. So with the right marketing angle, your will definitely sell if it really solves a problem.

Then these sites below gives us real guide on what niches you can narrow down or zoom into. If you build software around these niches, you can never go wrong. Alright guys, I hope this guide has been useful. Go join our Facebook group for real internet marketing case studies with massive results.


Want to Learn How to Build & Sell Software? Click Here