• 100% Newbie-friendly
  • Quick & Simple Setup
  • Easy To Use Admin Dashboard
  • Shortcodes In Emails For More Flexibility
  • Complete Automation After 5min Setup


User Friendly
Quick & Simple Setup

Final Verdict

InstaGenius Plugin is a must have tool if you want to automate list building on your Amazon affiliate site.

InstaGenius Plugin – One-Click Automatic Sales Getting WordPress Plugin

Still waiting to get your piece of Amazon’s multi-billion dollar pie?

Maybe you’ve tried before and it’s just fallen flat – apparently everyone else can make mad money EXCEPT you?
And maybe you’ve never considered collecting emails of visitors to your Amazon affiliate site. Am I right?
As a marketer, your email list is your biggest asset.

It allows you consistently generate income without spending a dime. But building an email list and marketing to it can be a hustle. These may have stopped you from have consistent sales due to lack of repeat customers.

I have a brand new plugin that will completely automate your email marketing and create truly passive income for you in just minutes.

Imagine- ONE plugin you could just install on your WordPress site and it would cover your needs for:

  • An email subscribe bribe
  • Creation of your email content
  • Product offerings and sales completely done for you

This isn’t science fiction- this plugin actually exists.

This WordPress plugin is rewriting that story for hundreds of people using a technique so smart you’ve got to see it for yourself.

What Is InstaGenius Plugin?

InstaGenius Plugin

Click Here to Automate Your List Building

Instagenius Plugin is a one of a kind WordPress plugin that will attract new email subscribers, generate and send personalized email content, AND continually generate passive income via Amazon affiliate commissions.

Best of all, the plugin comes preloaded with customisable email sequences that automatically input the products your visitors show interest in. It also takes advantage of time-limited sales and cross selling like never before.

InstaGenius is really an easy-to-use and newbie-friendly.


How InstaGenius Plugin Works?

Instagenius displays a widget (image of your choice) offering your website visitors a free ‘price watch’ service.

When they search for items they want, it offers buyer advice, which they’ll get when they sign up to your subscriber list.

The plugin automatically tracks prices on Amazon for them.

InstaGenius Plugin does all these in just three easy steps:

  • Install and activate the wordpress plugin
    Then connect your Amazon account & autoresponder service
  • Finally choose your attention grabbing image & show where to display it.



Click Here to Automate Your List Building

Some people spend THOUSANDS of dollars taking courses, signing up for services, paying consultants, all in the name of building their email lists. This is your chance to build your list on autopilot. Get InstaGenius today before the price goes up.