{Case Study} – 3 Step Guide to Discover Hot Amazon Niches Even If You Can’t Afford Expensive Keyword Research Tools – Step One

Most online businesses fail because they’ve failed to identify a “niche” in a market and speak directly to what their ideal customers need.

By its definition, a niche market is a small market segment, a part of a bigger “market”. A typical example of a big market is “Fitness” and within the Fitness market are sub-niches like “Bodyweight exercises for strength”

Niche market helps you identify your target customers more easily which helps you create valuable contents that speak directly to them and you can provide more targeted products and services to carter for their needs.

Before choosing a niche, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the niche based on a topic I can write about regularly? (Good Knowledge of the niche)
  • Is this niche something that interests me? (Passionate about the niche)
  • Is the niche broad enough it can be expanded to an authority style website? ( Build into Authority site)
  • Can I promote products or services relevant to this niche and make money doing it? (Main & Related Products/accessories)

If your answer to these questions is YES then you have found a profitable hidden gem for your business.

The rest of this post is focused on helping you find the most profitable niche for your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site. Since 90% of your affiliate site business depends on how profitable your chosen niche is, so if you do not get it right from the set go then you may never have the success you want. So it’s best to spend some good time researching your niche properly to avoid regret later.

First, we like to take you through the different authority sites to leverage on for our research, so read on and enjoy it. Most importantly take action.

How to find hidden niches by looking through Amazon Categories

Amazon Product Category is one of the places you can find niches to build your site around. Browse through the categories, look at what sparks your interest and use that as your seed keyword for further research. For instance, in the screenshot, you’ll notice I picked sports & outdoors, camping & hiking, and then down to sleeping bags and camp bedding”.  This is just an example, you can pick whatever category you like and drill down with that.



Action Step:

Pick a category that includes products you’re interested in building a site around.

Choose a sub-category.

Check out the left-hand column to find a product that cost over $100 on average (doing so helps you gain more worthwhile commission rates), and that has an average customer rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

Find Niche Idea with TheSweetHome.com Posts

TheSweetHome site is a big deal when it comes to Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Since the site is a big deal, they do their home work very well when it comes to doing thorough research and that is why they ranked on the top for hundreds of thousands of keywords. So just browsing through TheSweetHome posts you’ll discover hundreds of proven profitable niches.



Find Niche Idea From TopTenReviews.com Categories

TopTenReviews.com is a multimillion dollar company reviewing products and services. They rate and publish reviews of thousands of products that are available in Amazon. As a company with big investment, you can sure they have some big guys in the team for keyword research. What you can do is simply vesting their categories and pick them for further research.

Find Proven Niche Ideas Using Q&A Sites:Browse Quora

Quora is a good question and answer site you can use to find niches manually because it’s very well organized, high quality contributors gain more exposure and spam is very much under control. Quora is a great resource of questions on any topic. It might take you some time to understand how to effectively use the search feature, though. First, while typing, you’ll see available topics in the drop-down:


Other Top Q&A Sites Includes:

Yahoo Answers


Askville by Amazon is a very general Q&A site. It has categories from gift ideas to science. Its members can get quite passionate about answers and can be a great source for retailers to drive traffic to blogs (and product pages).

Monitor questions on Twitter

Twitter is another valuable resource for Q&A inspiration and for finding profitable niches. You could find out what exactly what real people are asking in real. By tracking Twitter questions, this can help you in two ways

  1. You can immediately engage (to grow your Twitter exposure)
  2. Discover and collect content opportunities.

By using this search command “Search Twitter for: keyword ?” you can retrieve all tweets containing a question mark. You can also add “-http” to eliminate tweets containing links

Tip: Keep a space between your keyword and the question mark for it to work.

E.g.  best sleeping bag ? -http

Niche Market Research

How to Find a Niche Market Using this Secret Weapon – Serpstat

This powerful web tool lets you research niche questions by typing in a keyword. Serpstat uses Google’s autosuggest results to generate the list of phrases based on your keywords. These phrases are based on suggestions of what other people have search for.

Now that we have identified our primary keyword, its important that we narrow down to get variations of the keywords we can rank for. To get this part as clearly as possible, proceed to read step two.

Now that we have identified our primary keyword, its important that we narrow down to get variations of the keywords we can rank for. To get this part as clearly as possible, proceed to read step two.