PBN Builder Review – All-in-One Tool That Helps You Build & Manage Private Blog Networks

Take some time to really go through my PBN Builder Review to see how easy you can build a Private Blog Network without the usual cost and high maintenance.

But First What is a PBN?

PBN’s are group of connected blogs owned by an entity for the purpose of promoting other blogs and therefore increase the search engine ranking or advertising revenue on the blogs. These network of blogs are so powerful for the reason that you control the contents and links in relation to your niche which in turn gives your niche sites the required link juice to increase the ranking. PBN’s have been in use to rank sites since the year 2005 and gain much exposure by 2010 but died down a bit when Google penalized a few public network. However, it has continued to gain steam as its quite tougher for Google to find PBN’s that are well built and does not sell links.

Reasons Why You Should Build PBN in 2017

1. Control – You can dictate your links, contents and test what works or not. You have absolute control of what you do with it.
2. Gain Instant Authority – Because you are leveraging the authority of aged and well trusted domains in the eyes of Google, your money sites gain instant authority too.
3. No need for Outreach or relationship building – There’s no need trying to reach out to other authority sites for link building, you already have the power in your hands.
4. The ROI of Using PBN’s is high

But due to the seemingly high cost and time investment in building private blog networks, some marketers get scared and shy away from it. What if I tell you there is a system that takes care of these seeming issues for you, in fact you will get your PBN up and running in less than 24hours, would you go for it?

Introducing…..PBN Builder

PBN Builder Review


PBN Builder is a new web-app that lets you easily build, manage and automatically post content to your PBN’s completely hands free. It basically put the power of private blog networks at your fingertips. PBN Builder gives you unfair advantage over your competitors by removing the complicated and time wasting process of building PBN’s today.


PBN Builder Review Demo

How Does PBN Builder Work?

Your PBN can be up and running in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Simply connect your PBN sites and your money sites. My aged grandma can connect her sites to the app, how much more you.
Step 2 – Load up your content and tell PBN Builder which of your money sites or videos you want to rank on page 1 of Google.
Step 3 – Set up your posting schedule or have PBN Builder syndicate your links right away.

Features and Benefits – PBN Builder Review

2-minute PBN Site Setup – You can easily and quickly edit the titles, permalinks, theme, add multiple users, contact page, or remove the “default pages” and archives in only 2 minutes by following 4-step site building wizard.

Manage any size PBN – You can use PBN Builder to manage the biggest or smallest of PBN’s. Don’t forget that most of the search engine marketers today are dominating with small five to ten site “micro PBN’s.”

Group PBN’s – Different PBN’s can serve various purposes in business. If you have customers, you can use this powerful grouping and management system, so that manage multiple PBN’s is a breeze.

Automatic link limit settings – If you are charging a particular client a certain amount monthly for a certain number of links, you can set up your posting schedule to automatically stop as the monthly link limit has been met for that customers. You also can restrict the number of links that placed on each of PBN sites.

Automatic Image and Video Embedding – Your posts always contain pictures and videos automatically. So you have not to waste time to find relevant videos and pictures to add to the content

Powerful Built-In CRM – It becomes harder for you to keep track of your campaigns when you have more clients. So, this feature is for you to add your customer’s contact information to each of campaigns.

Multiple URL and Keyword Tagging – It is designed to help you to avoid losing track of which URL’s you’re building links. You’ll be able to easily assign as many URL’s to as many anchor text keywords as you’d like for each of your campaigns/clients.

Powerful Website Info CRM – You will never have to use an Excel sheet to manage yours and your client’s site. Within PBN Builder, you get the ability to add all the necessary logins to your sites quickly.

Detailed PBN Syndication Stats – Do you want to get a quick glance at how your PBN sites are performing? There is a full reports page showing that to you when and where your PBN sites have been posting.


You can even make money with PBN Builder by

  • Charging per link/ become a link broker
  • Ranking your own affiliate sites
  • Charging other SEO Agencies to use your PBN
  • Ranking Your Clients Sites
  • Ranking Your eCommerce Stores


Who Should Use PBN Builder?

This software works for those into the following:

Affiliate Marketing
Local Marketing
Lead Generation
CPA Marketing
Video Marketing
Niche Site Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Selling Your Products Online

Get PBN Builder today and start getting these kind of rankings in highly competitive niches

PBN casestudyhq


I hope this PBN Builder Review will go a long way to help you make your decision. Go get a copy of PBN Builder by clicking on this link here. If you have any question just drop it below and I will be glad to respond.