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Final Verdict

We highly recommend you get Stop Motion Xpress to Kickstart your video marketing effort.

Stop Motion Xpress – Cute Attention-Grabbing Stop Motion Clips

Stop motion animation is one of the hottest areas of film-making today. It is an animation art through which one can spring life in inanimate things and do the unnatural. It works by shooting a single frame of an object, then moving the object slightly, and then shooting another frame.

In technical terms, stop motion consists of many forms according to techniques used to create, animate and film it – pixilation, cutout animation, time-lapse, clay animation and many more.

Incredible examples includes the following Youtube videos you can check out:

xBox – Stop Motion Commercial
Guinness New Ad – A Short Film Called Hands
Food Fight
Best Beer Commercial Ever
Lego Millenium Falcon Stop Motion
Stop Motion Commercial — SWISS MADE

I could go on and on to give examples of stop motion videos and how they were used in commercials. You may have noticed that this stop motion clips are usually very short less than 30 seconds. Have you wondered why theyare so? To grab the attention of viewers, yeah that’s right. Research has it that 15 seconds videos are sweet and are shared about 37% more than videos longer than that.

But you know what? The hard true is Stop motion animation is time-consuming, repetitive process which requires patience.

Stop Motion Xpress can help you over this challenge. With this package, you can start creating stop motion clips right away.

What is Stop Motion Xpress?

Stop Motion Xpress

Stop Motion XPress is a collection of eye-popping stock motion videos in various HOT niches. They are compatible with any video editing platforms available today. All you need do is to download the collections, import into any video creation app, edit and create your own custom stop motion clips. With this clips you can,

  • Capture people’s attention fast
  • Deliver your message or show a process in a few seconds
  • Turn cold audience into warm interested buyers
  • Make your promo videos look more interesting

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How Does Stop Motion Xpress Work?

Stop Motion Xpress works very well if you do the following online:

Digital Products
Affiliate Marketing
SEO for Local Business

When you purchase Stop Motion Xpress today, you get 50 high-quality stop motion clips which are all in Full HD(1920 x 1080) resolution. They come in MP4 formats and are very compatible with the most common video creation tools.

Why You Should Get Stop Motion Xpress?

Video is everything when it comes to marketing online this days. The attention span of people today are very very short online. So to grab that attention, there is need to use stop motion clips which are usually less than 20 seconds.

With these kind of videos, you call attention to your products or services, whatever you do on the internet. Today, big brands are already leveraging stop motion videos to sell their products. These videos helps you drive targeted drive from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram which maximizes your marketing efforts.

Its important you start early enough to integrate short video clips into your marketing mix. Stop Motion Xpress collections gives you that leverage to use Stop Motion videos to engage your target audience.