If you’re interested in learning how you can boost your engagement on Instagram, then keep on reading.

Now what I find is that a lot of people evaluate their performance on Instagram based on the followers that they have.

Well, in my opinion, I personally believe that your engagement is probably far more important than your following count.

And the reason for this is because in the Instagram space, there’s just so many people who buy fake followers that nowadays brands and partners or whoever’s interested in potentially working with you on social media, they’re always going to be looking at how many comments you have, how many likes you have and how many views you have on your videos that you post on Instagram in order to evaluate if you are actually real or not.

Even then in this day and age, people can still buy likes, comments, and views.

However, the issue with this is that if you are stuck in a loophole of constantly investing in fake vanity metrics, you’re going to be stuck in this vicious cycle of talking to no one.

That’s why I’m going to share with you my six tips on how you can boost your engagement on Instagram organically starting with tip

Tips to Double Engagement On Instagram

#1 Make Sure Your Post Is Fully Optimized

Now you might be wondering what exactly is a fully optimized photo?

  • You can add a location for your post
  • Tag other accounts within your niche
  • Include some sort of engaging caption targeted to your niche
  • Include optimized hashtags to fit your niche

#2 Include Call to Action in Your Captions

Make sure you add a call to action in between or at the end of your caption so that you are incentivizing your audience to actually continue the conversation. For example, something that you can

 write at the end is saying “Drop your favorite emoji if you agree,” or you could write something like, “Like this post if you agree,” or “Double tap if you agree”.

Or you could say something like, “Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts”. You want to make sure that you are encouraging conversations to happen within your comment section so that you can increase your engagement on Instagram.

#3 Reply All Comment

Make sure you reply to all comments within at least the first 30 minutes of posting.

The reason why you want to ensure that you are engaging back with your audience at least within the first 30 minutes is because in Instagram’s algorithm, they determine the success of your post based on the first 30 minutes and the amount of engagement that you receive.

So, imagine if within the first 30 minutes you get 10 comments and you reply to each one. Then that becomes 20 comments.

That’s why you really want to make sure that when you are posting on Instagram that you’re also going to be at your phone so that you can continue the conversation and respond back to your audience.

That brings us to tip #4.

#4 Know The Best Time To Post

You need to understand when are the best post times for your account. Now to understand the best time for your account, you really want to dive into your Instagram analytics. I’m going to share my screen and show you exactly how you do it.

Go to Insight and Click on Audience

And within Audience, you want to scroll down, you’re going to be able to see the amount of people that are actually on and at what hours of the day.

Doing this manually can be draining and way too time consuming, you simply don’t have the time to like hundreds of photos an hour, follow 500 people a day, all in the attempt that I HOPE they follow me back and then have to unfollow them if they are not interested while running a full time business.

That’s why many ends up buying likes and comments to boost their engagement on Instagram.


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