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Final Verdict

VideoWhizz allows you to instantly deliver highly-personalized and attractive videos that are uniquely designed for each viewer. Engage & boost sales today by using VideoWhizz Software.

VideoWhizz Software – Video Engagements & Sales Booster

Generating Traffic is the major challenge for every internet marketer. It is not easy to drive visitors to your website or sales page even when you do,  they are likely not to buy anything if your traffic is not targeted properly.

VideoWhizz is built to grab maximum visitor’s engagement and notify visitors by making your video appear as Light-box on any webpage whenever you want.

Interestingly, you can increase the value of your video and embed analytics to your brand boosting efforts.


What Is VideoWhizz Software?

VideoWhizz Software

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VideoWhizz is a ground breaking cloud-based app that can personalize, customize, notify and monetize video marketing campaigns to drive higher conversions, boost opt-ins and sales without any technical issues.

VideoWhizz supports users to deliver highly-personalized and attractive videos for each viewer instantly and this in turn drives engagement and decreases customer frustration.

How to Use VideoWhizz Software?

To boost engagement, opt-ins & sales without stress, all you need to do is to get into action with this wonderful software.

It will keep on working continuously and convert your traffic into your paying customers in any niche you desire.

It has simple and easy to use dashboard that anybody can use even newbies.

You also can manage your video campaigns within projects. It’s also very easy to process, to add, delete or edit a project.


Features & Benefits Of VideoWhizz Software

VideoWhizz has some interesting features that makes it creative and sells fast.

Personalization – You can personalize the prospect’s email just by embedding a video. Get more and more customers hooked to your brand with the personalization feature.

Customization – Now, you can effortlessly customize your video player with the available default skins.

Besides, you can freely design annotations, CTA buttons, multi-screen frames, positioning the Brand’s Logo, and the Video thumbnail.

Employing these knacks would magnify engagement.

Monetization – Embed Video-Popups, Lead apps, Promo apps, HTML and Share apps inside your videos to enhance user engagement.

You can integrate Google AdSense and affiliate links on video pages to drive maximum engagements and clicks for your offers.

Notification -VideoWhizz help you to notify your viewers by adding various video Pop-ups on your sale page.

VideoWhizz makes engagement more striking because marketers always seek a solution that could enhance and deep drive user engagement to get more viewers.

You can grab attention of visitors with a stunning video at specific or pre-defined time intervals and capture their attention once and for all.

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Who Is VideoWhizz Meant For?

You probably might be asking yourself who VideoWhizz software is meant for.

It is majorly for:


Product creators,


Online-offline Businesses,


Affiliate Marketers etc.

Anyone who wants to make outstanding and eye-catching videos to get more engagement and conversions need this tool.

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VideoWhizz allows you to instantly deliver highly-personalized and attractive videos that are uniquely designed for each viewer. There are many advanced elements and features are embedded, product documents and tutorial video are provided. Above all you don’t need to Install or download anything.