If you want to leverage Google’s 1.2 billion Gmail users, then read through the entire post to get access to the entire case study that guides you on how to create powerful Gmail Ads.

According to this post, on the average people spend 4.1 hours checking their email each day – that is 20.5 hours a week!

With this so much time given to checking emails, you will agree that Gmail ads can be one of the best ways to target potential customers.

Although Lead generation can be a bit of a challenge for many businesses. Gmail ads provide a way around having to convince leads to hand over their personal information.

All through this post, I will show you what’s possible with Gmail ads and how to create Gmail ads from scratch and get result. Plus I give you a checklist and case study you can learn from.

Let’s dive in

What Are Gmail Ads?

Gmail ads are interactive adverts that land at the top of your Gmail inbox. You will see the word ‘Ad’ to let you know they aren’t actual emails.

Many Gmail ads are expandable and opens in full-screen when clicked. They can include images, videos, and other embedded forms.

These Ads in Gmail are displayed at the top of a user’s inbox within the social or promotions tab as shown below:

Gmail Ads

The Benefits of Gmail Ads

These are not just ads, they are right in the box of your prospects where they spend their time

Pinpoint Targeting

With pinpoint targeting, you don’t have to ask for an email address from a prospect. You can get straight in their inbox.

And you have three options to do so:

  1. Domain targeting
  2. Audience keyword
  3. Demographic Targeting

Using this ad format, you’re not just targeting people who have visited the websites of your competitors or integrations. You’re targeting people who have explicitly given those competitors or integrations permission to send them emails.

These are individuals who have passed the awareness stage of your competitors’ and integrations’ funnel and moved on to the evaluation stage.

However, remember they’re not in the same stage in your funnel. They may not have heard of your brand before so offer them something from the top of your funnel to create brand awareness.

Meet Customers at Their Convenience

People are generally obsessed with their smart phones and checks every incoming notification.

They are almost clued to their inboxes. They check their emails in between sleep time when they wake up, all through the day, and before going to sleep. Many are spending more than 6 hours in their inboxes every day.

Clearly, this all means Gmail Ads a huge opportunity for your business to build brand awareness and reach leads and prospects.

Keyword Targeting on Your Brand Terms

These can help you target people who are already in your funnel. Keyword targeting on brand terms will help increase Gmail Ad clicks and reduce your costs. You can also target the trademarks of your competitors

Offers You Can Promote with Gmail Ads

  1.      Promote a Top-of-the-Funnel Offer

Gmail users seeing your ads presumably has never encounter your brand before so they are typically in the awareness or evaluation stage.

At this stage, your prospects aren’t ready to make a purchase, as such your ad should instead focus on offering free content or collecting lead information, such as an email address to start sending them actual emails.

  • An educational webinar with a registration form or a gated PDF is a great idea for nurturing prospects further down your funnel.
  • 2.Take Advantage of Your Competitors

One of the biggest challenges with Gmail advertising is knowing if you’re targeting the best audience.

The competitor conquesting strategy — using your competitors’ domains as your targeting method — is great for fine-tuning your targeting.

This allows your ads to show whenever a Gmail user receives an email from one of your competitors. Ultimately this helps attract an audience that’s likely to be highly interested in your product or service.

As an example, Hanapin Marketing uploaded a list of their closest-related competitor domains and saw click-through rates as high as 33%.

Brands using Gmail Ads

Here’s a few brands using Gmail Ads:


Marriott with nearly 6,000 hotels in over 100 countries tapped into the power of Google’s email format to drive awareness of their lesser-known chain.

And they found it drove a 25% higher time spent on page, and an 18% boost in pageviews per visit.


HushHush is the home of flash sales on the internet, offering big discounts from major homeware, garden, fashion, beauty, and kids brands regularly.

They ran a one-month campaign that segmented products by category and user interest.

The ads themselves used different variations of banner-sized with images that reinforced the branding of the company’s other ads running on the Google Display Network.

Source: Larry Kim & Instapage

I know you might be wondering; how do I create a well optimized Gmail Ads like these brands?

On Wednesday 21st; I will be handing out a PDF that contains the whole formula from start to finish.

I’ve put the whole thing in there… the full, do this do that instructions, the exact step by step guide how to create Gmail ads that works and how to optimize it.

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